Are you ready?

Recession, loss of jobs, violation of basic human rights, little innocent children used for trafficking & bonded work, women, workers and nature exploited…… just for one single cause…….money!

People and Governments with greed for power and money have always looted our mother earth and her innocent people. We have all kinds of evidences and proofs right in front of us….. and yet we the majority of innocent people who exist on this earth have very little control over what a minority of power & money hungry looters do. This is a shameful fact!

These minority group exactly knows how to manipulate the laws and Governments just to fulfil their stupid desire of more power and more money!

It is time for the majority of innocent people of this earth to act!

This time it is for real and final.

 Come let us join together and make this world a better place!



Energy and Nature


Human Rights